Who are we?

We are individuals whose focus and commitment is to live in Harmony with Mother Nature and our own essential nature, as responsible and authentic co-creators, unique in our individuality while part of this global symphony that is the Universe. We would love to see again our planet restored and flourishing and humanity awakening to a way of living and feeling in integrity and awareness, more loving and compassionate.

We are a couple that Amma (www.ammachi.org) married in 2008, without children yet. From 2009 to 2012 we worked devotedly to create the basis for an Ecovillage project in Tenerife, Spain: (santuariosalud.jimdo.com), and then for 1,5years (until October 2013), we have engaged in the mission of creating a new base on the other side of the Atlantic, as the original vision was to build a bridge of healing, new awareness and cooperation between Europe and America.Now back in Europe after much experience but no concrete materialization we love to magnetize like-minded brothers and sisters who also feel the call to anchor this energy of love, care and service in a practical way as an eco-settlement inspired by Anastasia's and New Earth Nation's vision in Tenerife (we are also open to other options).



Intentions and Presentation of Michael

I was born in Germany and grew up in the South of France. I trained as a children's facilitator specialized in Socio-Cultural, Nature and environmental education in France before finding my beloved wife Yasmín in 2007. We lived together the first four years in Tenerife (2.5 years in an organic farm where we gained experience both in organic agriculture and bioconstruction: santuariosalud.jimdo.com) and since 2012 we are exploring potential places and projects where to ground our vision of co-creating an Eco-village.


I Love being a bridge of comunication between cultures, guide newcomers, design and plant creative gardens, play and channel the water through the land and houses (flowforms), preserve and share the biodiversity of flowers, fruits and fragrances that Nature offers us (creating a nursery and seed bank)

My needs are a stable Homeland within a strong and reliable community with which to share the abundance of Love, Fruits and Harmony.


I Love to offer my knowledge in languages (German, French, Spanish, English, Portuguese), my easiness in playing with kids, my knowledge in Permaculture/organic planting and my passion of serving as a guide.


I am learning to be patient, and trust fully the right timing & the magic of Life as I offer myself the space to heal any emotions or imbalances to reach a higher state of availibility and service.




Presentation of Yasmín Tridia Rei-Kyo
What interesting endeavour to try to say something about myself!
I often felt as many beings in one, yet so detached from the level of the “personal”!

Since childhood, I had a shear impression of being a little alien...
Deeply mystical, medium and poet as my father, I inherited also the big compassionate heart of my dear mother, who has being carrying too many wounds from her traumatic childhood. That led me to explore all kinds of alternative therapies and forms of healing and self-healing.

Tireless traveller, adventurous and a bit cracy, I went through many phases and roles: I played the artist (painting, video installations, performance ...), the therapist (massage and body work, music therapy, crystal therapy, shamanic healing ...) the facilitator of numerous workshops ("Introduction to Gestalt Massage ", "Inner Presence", "Towards our Creative Essence", "Celebrating Consciousness" ...), I played also to be a shaman's apprentice (7 years of passionate work and ceremonies with different Medicine Plants) ... until I finally materialized in my life my dearest twin soul: Michael, to whom I got married for Eternity in November 2008.


Together we created a NGO named "The School of Creative Consciousness" focusing in grounding our shared dream of creating an Ecovillage, as the natural result of our yearning to live in coherence and integrity and become Love in Action in the practice of the everyday life.
We are fully in the mission! with Love and Patience (in Spanish Paz-ciencia) ... the Science of Peace.
I started sharing some of my poems, songs and channellings in escuelaconcienciacreativa.jimdo.com


Blessings to all!


    where nothing has a name

the eyes of the child;

    where nothing has a name

the eyes of the wise.



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