The Vision

The intent and overall vision is to create a global network of ecological settlements, respectful to all life at all levels, which may serve as a reference to create a more humane, authentic and fair environment, where every individual is a responsible co-creator and strive to learn to live in a more conscious, harmonious, and loving relationship with Mother Earth, our fellow humans and all other creatures. To accomplish this, these settlements will support one another and foster an enriching exchange of people, knowledge, products, seeds , materials, etc., that may allow us to flourish and prosper, as well as helping their viability and sustainability.


We are already many individuals and families anchoring eco-villages and intentional communities all around the Globe. The power of networking and helping each other is fastening and making easier the process of grounding and expanding this way of living, in all its various modalities and within many different cultures. Very often, these settlements are highly multicultural and extremely creative. Here we provide some of the links of the different networks and some examples of already well established eco-communities:                                                                                                     


Our Ecovillage project:
It was born from our encounter (although we both had this focus well before we met).
In Truth, we could not conceive to live otherwise as our yearning for coherence is guiding us to live in respect and harmony with Mother Earth in a holistic way and in every detail.
Even before finding the land in Tenerife, we already worked in promoting the project, aspiring to team up with like-minded people working in the same purpose.
For this we also created a small NGO in 2008, "The School of Creative Consciousness" to facilitate the encounter with the people in the same spirit and make also a bridge with possible institutions and enterprises that could grant scholarships, donations or other kinds of help for the practical realization of the project.
As the project covers many aspects we created onother website explaining it in more detail:
Please call or email us if you want more information.



Any economic donation is always most welcome as a punctual donation and as a monthly one as a member.

The Association has an account in the Ethic bank Triodos in Spain ( and we recommend to make your donations directly in this account:

La Escuela de la Conciencia Creativa, Triodos Bank : 1491 0001 27 2018588729 (IBAN: ES16 / BIC: TRIOESMMXXX)


It is also possible to do donations through Paypal:



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