Anastasia's Vision

Some time ago came to us the first two books of Anastasia from a great friend and several other friends were talking about her and her message. As it seems to happen to most who read the books, they transformed our lives and helped us to clarify our focus and our commitment: to live in a integral way, co-creating with Mother Earth.

We were already installed in a beautiful land in Tenerife, "The Sanctuary of Health" (, in which we begin to practice creatively the advices and inspiration of Anastasia and relate to the land, its abundance and variety of fruits and beautiful creatures, in an even more conscious way, giving to our garden the maximum of our bioinformation, and impregnating the land with the strength of our purpose. The results were so beautiful! So many revelations and experiences of delight and healing came in our way! How powerful was, for example, eating the fruits still attached to the tree, or asking every tree if it would offer us each particular fruit and only take it when it gently fell into our hand, without much pulling!

We also realized that to deepen our relationship to the land with the depth we wanted, the fact that the farm was rented and the feeling that it was not our "definitive" place, invited us to "detach" from it, although leaving it in good hands, so we jump in the adventure of materializing the home where, as Anastasia suggests, we can plant for the future generations, and find this true feeling of "belonging" to that little piece of land, offer our whole being to the task of co-creating with Mother Nature a little paradise with our unique blueprint, creating a "Space of Love" where beautiful beings who are willing to incarnate in the New Earth can be conceived and received, in a place where reigns the respect and the harmony, and people strive to live in intimate communion with the Beloved Mother Earth, learning to listen to Her, and express to Her our deepest longing: to fully realize the purpose of our Soul ... and of course, cultivate the maximum of health and balance to be able to give the best of ourselves for the Good and Healing of The Whole.


 In this search, and knowing that our lovely bodies feel great with alive and organic foods and tropical climates, we visited several places and projects in Brazil, and for the past nine months (being now April 2013), we have being exploring Costa Rica, as numerous synchronicities and the magic of Life brought us here.

Glad that we found here people also motivated by the vision of Anastasia, we would love to know more about related projects, and share more with people who already felt touched by this wonderful Ray of Love able to create for ourselves and our children, a Splendid Future and fully realize Heaven on Earth.

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