Our connection with Amma

We love and bless all forms of the Divine Mother, which are so important in this transition to a World beyond dualities and conflicts, but the one we feel especially close and inspired by, is the Beautiful Presence of Amma:


We try to see her each year, Yasmin for the past 10 years and together since we met, in the program of Barcelona, November 2007. One year later, again in Barcelona, we asked her to bless our union in holy marriage.

Our project, our NGO and our devotional practice, are directly and closely inspired by her work, her Infinite Love, and her example. She expresses our deepest longings to live in service to the divine in our heart and blossom into a new consciousness.

Om Namah Shivaya!

... and our special love and support to all the devotees of Amma working untirably in service to others.



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