A calling to the Brotherhood/Sisterhood committed in materializing the New World!:

We are since 9 years (Tenerife where we are right now, Brazil and Costa Rica), focused in encountering heart to heart the magical land where to create our "Space of Love", sharing the experience with other families who would love to live in reverence and COMMUNION with Mother Earth and our Divine Nature.

Our inspirations and guiding principles:

- The Power of Unconditional Love, Compassion and Service, especially embodied in our beloved Amma ( www.ammachi.org );
- The vision and the message of Anastasia ( www.ringingcedars.com )
- The respect for all life and our body as temple of the spirit: we love the practice of Yoga, Acroyoga, Chi-Kung, conscious and healthy diet (mostly raw and vegan), spiritual dance and music, and all that nourishes the integrity of our being!;
- An appointment at sunrise and sunset with the ancien vedic ritual of the sacred fire called Agnihotra.
- Meditation and devotional singing;
- The work with the land and the creation of food forests based on the knowledge of Permaculture and Agroforestry
- Living genuinely, in Consciousness and Creativity;
- Walk in the direction of the pranic lifestyle of Total Freedom and Purity of Being (www.suprememastertv.com/Breatharians )



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Skype: yasmich08